Friday, October 30, 2009

Hairy dream'n

I haven't a clue why I suddenly awakened in panic mode, but this morning my brain is filled with little dog grooming details and near panic about the next show, which is in two weeks. Silly little things, like when, where, and how. It is perhaps easier when there is a home base involved at the show. This time I will be commuting. This time, also, there will be less hair attached to the dog, and more on my clothing. Perhaps it is that I was eating and breathing the hair in my sleep as Kate blissfully slept on my head; unaware of the workings going on in my brain, just under her left armpit. While winning is great, it also puts a bit more stress on me. I liked it. I want more. Arghh!! Kate? She seems to just have a blast out there being a diva. (Make note: Mardi Gras beads into show bag.) We will be going early enough to get the jitters from the car ride walked out. Then add an hour for me to get the grooming jitters worked out, and walked out. THEN I can gimp my way to ringside. I think it is time to watch "Best in Show" again and get myself back together. Anyway, today will be the grinding of the toenails. I missed a week, so they are talons. (I think my girl communicates with the eagles overhead.)

On the topic of communication: I blog to get the things in my brain out. I do it for myself, mostly. It is an online diary of sorts. WHY do people think that I need to enter contests or write articles and books? Attention, all who read this: NO THANKS! I do not (nor have I ever) want to write for money. Deadlines make my brain shut down. Is it just me? Are there recruiters out on the world wide web that spend the day reading blogs? How the heck do they get my personal email address when it is not used in my profile? While I am flattered, again, no thanks.

OK, that said, I need to begin my day. It is a warmer 54 this morning. Almost balmy. The dogs are gearing up for the first run of the day. I am killing time to let the neighbor sleep a bit longer. It can get noisy out in the field as the diva dog begins her first workout of the day. No, I don't mean me, with my creaks and groans, I mean Kate as she frantically tries to figure out which ball to chase. Her eager "jelps" as she attacks the tether ball, followed by the anxious barks at the flat basketball. Henry's "yipes" as I step on him. He hides underfoot as Kate gets more and more excited. She is the quiet one in the house. The Jekyll/Hyde thing still freaks him out. It is pretty black and white with the fur kids.

Right now I am wearing that black and white. Wearing it. Breathing it. Eating it. Will there be any left on the dog in two weeks? EEEEK!!



Lori Thornbrue said...

How many years did it take before you stopped having school dreams/nightmares. It took me about 15 years post college to quit having panic dreams of either not remembering a test, or sitting at a test and no knowing any answers, etc! Funny how our minds work.

2Grandmas2 said...

I STILL have school never was a favored thing for me. ;-)