Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to the World

Welcome to our family's newest little tomato, Violet Hope. Violet, I love your name! Your grandmother is the sister I always wished I had, so yes, our family. I can't wait to meet you :) Amelia, you are so lucky to have a sister, and Violet is luck to have you.

G2, your blog about blogging has finally explained to me why I haven't been blogging very much. You blog to get things out of your brain; lately mine feels foggy, as though there just isn't much in it. There's not much in the brain, so I've been cleaning the house, really it's a major mucking out. Preparation for a new shelving system, and good therapy just in general. I goggle at what is in the big box (it's a really big box) that contains everything that I swept into it in preparation for the last surgery. I can shred all the bills in good faith, knowing they've long been paid. Old magazines, bunches of books, many of Ramona's drawings and 'birthday lists', a stack of business cards and flyers, the partial remains of several 'projects begun and never finished', and the list goes on. My project of carrying out at least five times the amount I've carried in each day is in full swing.

I've spent quite a lot of time working on genealogy, as well. I've finally done something there that I have always sworn I would never, ever do (not since a distant relative had the whole family tree inducted into his religion's ranks, without asking)(I tried to imagine some of the divorced couples that I know of in that are in that family tree, sealed together for all eternity, now THAT is actually funny.)(In fact, it would make a good story): I signed up with for a two week trial period. Ancestry is run by that same religion...I swore they would never get me on their site...but I have succumbed at last. That is one cool website, I gotta say, and yes, I will probably pay money to stay on it.

And now I'm taking care a houseful of developmentally delayed young ladies for a couple of days, so the brain must be full ON. I shall further return to the land of thinking, and take a whole bunch of photos this weekend. I've nearly missed fall We've had a windstorm going on today, so it's likely that all the fall leaf photos will be of the piles on the ground, but at least I won't have totally missed it.

Congratulations again, Amelia and Violet, at your new sisterhood. Lucky girls!

Hey, hey, S2. It is great to see you! (You haven't been giving out my address have you?) It is fun having two little flowers in the family. I suspect I will be planting plenty of lillies and violets in the spring. Let us know when you are back and we will arrange for little Violet to meet her Auntie.

Twarn't me, McGee. The few times I send you a contest it's directly to you and about NC. I think somehow someone accessed the blogspot data even could be an offshoot of blogspot, if the email that went to the 2Grandmas email address is any indication. How could ANYONE have gotten that email address, which we only created and use for the purpose of this blog? Makes you go hmmmmm. I have next weekend to myself :)


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