Friday, October 23, 2009

Why is it

that in one's own garden, when all is going well, weather is fine, no freeze in sight, we can leave the tomato on the vine and pick it when it is ripe and ready to be picked? Does not the tomato "know" when it is at its best? Why is it that two flowers on that plant can come on at the same time, be pollinated, grow little green tomatoes, yet those fruits ripen at different rates?

YET, we decide when our human fruit should be harvested. How is that? If the frost is coming, and we know those little green tomatoes will not survive, that is a different story. By all means we must yank that parent plant from the ground, hang it from its toes in the rafters, and let those little offspring fall. Why would we do that if all was progressing well? If the seed packet says that we can harvest in 103 days, do we pull the fruit at 103 days, parent plant be darned? New little buds and fruit as well? Yes, indeedy, we are the species of greatest intelligence, aren't we?

So, with induction date set for my new grand baby, even though all is well for the little toe dragging, hand shaking, munchkin, I have a mixture of feelings. My first thought is "what right do we have...?" I know that I, personally, wanted nothing more than to get my kids "out" those last couple of weeks of my pregnancy. I feel for my daughter. I know she is miserable with the whole start and stop thing. However, this kid has been solid as a rock. Is there not more risk to forcing it out when all is stable? We don't induce animals to deliver out of convenience. We, as a species, are such friggin' control freaks!

All has been done that can be done. I am really hoping this little bud can be coaxed to ripen and fall from the vine, fully ready, before next Tuesday. The dominoes are being set up as I type. I don't know if I am more scared or ticked off. I will head over soon and spend the day wandering with the Momma. Hopefully we can laugh and play and try to forget about any kind of control, except over bladders, of course. Send positive vibes this way.


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Colette Kingsley said...

I know how you feel Nancy! Both Shannon and Julie were induced this summer (neither baby came as expected) I always felt it was wrong and never would do it with my livestock but my daughters and doctor feel different.
Thank goodness their deliveries went well and they had no complications, like textbook deliveries :) It was almost as if they had gone into labor naturally. Good Luck! I will be waiting to here what happens. Love you,