Monday, October 12, 2009

Home, safe and sound, albeit hairy

Guess who won big at the doggy show? Go ahead and pick. Would it be doggy number one? Number two? Or doggy number three?
We are home, and we are happy. A load of laundry is in the dryer. A bath has been drawn. The dogs have been out to play with their horse buddy. My truck is empty, at least of all things packed. The dogs are both blowing their coats big time. I have been eating dog hair, breathing dog hair, and wearing dog hair. Tomorrow's first big thing will be cleaning out the truck. Hopefully my grandchild will stay in its Mommy long enough for me to do a good job of getting ALL the hair out. I don't think it would do good for me to wear all that hair to the hospital.
Kate (doggy number one) was one a roll this showing. She was excited to be there and delighted to strut her stuff. As a result she won two "Majors" which I will explain when I am not so tired. Let me just say that it was huge. She is well on her way to her American Championship. In a week or so I should get the official pictures of our wins. I will post them then, but reserve the right to blur the handler.
More to come after a good night's sleep.

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Lori Thornbrue said...

Wow and SUPER!! Congratulations!!