Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Was the last time this amount of snow hit Kitsap County…and that was at the Bremerton Airport; home of Justifiably Famous Fish and Chips. I knew it had to be at least close to a record, if only for the fact that it is still here. More is expected tonight. Walking down to the “main” road was misery. The snow goes up inside the pant leg, then down the boot. By the time I got down my ankle was frozen and I had to take the now packed snow from inside the boot. I got to the post office, but then came back because the temperature was quickly dropping and I wanted my friend off the road.

My plan to do most of my Christmas shopping online suddenly has a wrench thrown in. Three things that were to be here the beginning of the week are stuck in Bremerton. UPS cannot get them out. There is also one that is supposed to come via US mail, but it is also stuck somewhere. For the first time that I can remember the post office called off mail delivery. I guess there really IS something that can keep the post man from his appointed rounds.

At this point the snow is no longer beautiful. Another layer of ice on top of the twelve inches means that my little trails through the yards to get wood and do chores are treacherous at best. I may see if the neighbor can move the snow from my driveway with his tractor. If that doesn’t happen there is NO way to get out of here for Christmas. I don’t mind postponing, but my kids are a bit upset at the idea.

Speaking of kids: Morgan and Logan made it safely home from Texas. He called his momma last night from Tacoma. I think I got a decent sleep last night for the first time since this storm hit. Once a Mom, always a Mom. It really doesn’t matter if they are four or forty.

So many times in the past two weeks I have heard Dad’s voice. I think he saved a couple of my sheds from caving in, as well as chastising me into finding ways to strengthen them this spring/summer. The old “if you are going to do something, do it right the first time.” At the same time I feel like he is smiling down on me. All my life I wanted him to just be proud of me. I feel like he is now. We never had “extra” money when I was growing up, so when something needed to be done he found a book (now we have the internet) and did the job. Not much hiring of professionals to do a job. After he retired and remarried that all changed and it seemed odd to see him allocating even some of the small stuff. It was hard for me not to step up and offer to help, but I think he was tired. I miss him, and Mom, this time of year. It’s all about family; not necessarily blood relations, but all of those that we allow into those inner sanctums of our lives. That may include neighbors, friends, and internet buddies. It is those who truly care. You know who you are, and I have to just say “thanks; I love you; without you I am not sure I would still be here, and my life would certainly be lacking.”

Have a Merry Christmas, and hold those you love just a little closer. I know that I will, and that I am.

G2 (nice pictures, S2, but that little red buddy looks a bit chilly !)

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