Friday, December 19, 2008


So why do I want the Song of the Day to be "Another Saturday Night?"

Today I turned on the telly and found that one of the local channels is off the air. Seems a dispute with Fisher Communications has forced a three day moratorium, or something to that effect. Fisher wants DishNetwork to pay a big percentage more for the right to air...of course that will mean more money coming from the customer. Luckily it is not one of my most watched channels. I suspect the Latino population is pretty upset since Univision is also knocked off the air. It is one of those channels that, strangely, I don't miss either. When I have been forced to watch it, and yes, I really have, I found a lot of scantily clad, overweight, big boobed, middle aged women shaking their tatas. I am sadly lacking in the Latino culture, but seems a very strange thing for kids to be watching. Granted, if I understood what they were saying perhaps I might have a better understanding of what was going on, but I still don't want to watch someone in clothing four sizes too small shake and shimmy. Call me old and set in my ways...I guess it is true. My parents are looking down on me and laughing or smiling. I'm not sure which. I do know that I pay enough for my TV programming as it is. I don't need to be giving more to the CEOs vacation fund. I'd like some for my own, thank you very much.

I am trying hard to figure out the ways of this blog site. I like it a lot, but there are a couple of things that make me crazy. Please bear with me as S2 and I try to figure out why things seem to be changing. I don't remember having issues with paragraphs and indents when we were traveling, which makes it all the more puzzling. Anyway, this paragraph is written with indentation of 3 spaces, and with double spacing between the paragraphs.

And this one has no indent. I must go for my umpteenth trip for wood. Then I am going to plop down on my couch, cuddle with the pups and watch TV; sans KOMO.


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