Monday, December 15, 2008

Lesson for the day

When building a house do NOT put a sky light over the master bath soaking tub.

It is quite chilly here today. Wanting to conserve electric as much as possible I am trying to only use the woodstove for heat. That means it gets a bit chilly in the bedroom, which is at the other end of the house. So, thinks I, a nice hot bath would be nice. It is indeed, however hot air the skylight. Once there it meets with the cold outside filtered in air. Result? A sporadic drip of VERY cold water; usually on my head or shoulders as I sit up, wondering where the drip is coming from. It never fails. This morning there was an unusually large number of drips. It is almost painful.

However, on the plus side of events. It is amazing pretty out. Cold, for sure, but beautiful. I took the dogs out and looked into the trees next door. There sunning itself was:

Need a closer look?
I instantly thought of my friend Linda and had to snap some pictures for her. I am always in awe of the bald eagle. I see them almost daily, but I still have to stop and admire them. I just can't help myself.
I need to brave the roads and go to the post office and bank. Pay day. Wish me luck; I may not be able to get back up my road in my compact pickup. The neighbor just went down in her car, but it was chained up. Oh bother.
Eagles and skylights; how about song of the day? Maybe "Sunshine on my shoulder"

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