Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Internet families

It is an interesting phenomenon that we can become so very close to people and their events; people with whom we have never spoken a word "face to face." I have my Internet family just as S2 has her's. I feel that I truly know my Internet friends; often sharing details of our lives that we perhaps have not shared before.

I spent the last 10 days worrying, and praying, and fretting about a dear little Cardigan Corgi named Clue. I have emailed her family as well. My heart has been breaking for the those things that the little girls were feeling over the loss of their house and possessions to fire, and then the loss of the Champion show dog and family member Ch Pecan Valley A Blue Clue. (I would post her picture, but haven't had a chance to get the OK from her mama.) This afternoon Miss Clue was found. It has been over a week. Lots of snow has fallen in NH. She had been hit by a car. She was far from home. She will get a thorough vet check on Friday morning. I am crying and my Cardi is licking the tears from my cheeks as her brother, Henry, snuggles in my lap. Joann's biggest concern throughout the ordeal has been that someone would say "it's only a dog." She wanted only to be able to remain positive. She knew. From deep inside her soul. I think Clue knew as well. All is well in a New Hampshire house tonight. Merry Christmas, and yes, Kimball family, there is a Santa Claus.


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