Monday, December 22, 2008

Due to inclement weather

Christmas may be postponed

Come, set a spell

Corgis in the snow, part something or another...

The weather is cold enough that this snow is going nowhere any time soon. We got a bit more last night. It almost touches Windy’s belly now. Yes, she does have a big belly, but she is still a horse. OK, so she is also a mini horse. The dogs have dwarf legs, so cannot really measure depth by them, and the horse is a mini with a big belly, so perhaps she is not a good example of the depth either. What I do know, is that they are no longer finding it as much fun as a few days ago, and I need snow shoes to do my chores. I come in and have to dump the snow out of my boot and shoe. I followed my intuition and got the snow off the woodshed roof last night. Today’s news tells of some roof collapses.

All of you who are waiting for Christmas cards are going to have to wait a while. I actually ordered some, but they are stuck at the store in Poulsbo; it would take a snowmobile to get them, and I would be surprised if there any employees at the store anyway.

It will be odd to have to postpone Christmas, but I would do that over putting my kids and grand kids at risk. Since the “official date” is not the real date of Christ’s birth, then I don’t see the necessity of keeping that particular day. It is all about family, not a specific date. For my kids that are reading this (Kira) please take care and do not put yourselves in danger. Any one who truly cares would not insist on you going out on the road; if you must go somewhere after dark, please just stay put. There is now several layers of ice with compact snow over it, with powder snow on top of that. Take a pillow, my dear.

Power was out for a while last night. I have no idea when it went out. The digital clocks all flash midnight when the power is back on. The other clocks are battery powered so never go off. All I know is that I awoke at some point this morning and the power was out. I drifted on and off and the power came back on. I got up at 7 am, stoked the fire and fed the dogs before going out to let the horse out. Her water in the barn was not frozen. I hope those without alternative heat sources did not suffer for too long. I am sure the snow and ice laden trees were the cause. I didn’t want to find a flashlight and call the power company, choosing instead to snuggle up with the dogs until it was light outside.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas, whenever it takes place. I hope all that are suffering pain and/or loss find comfort in the small things. We certainly have the power to turn adversity into great life lessons. My prayers are will you all, and a special prayer is out for a dear little corgi named “Clue.” Her family has suffered the loss of their house to fire and Clue somehow got away from the boarding facility, got hit by a car, and has disappeared. Please send positive thoughts to the beautiful Blue Merle Cardigan Corgi and her family. Footprints have been seen, so she is still wandering, lost.



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