Sunday, December 28, 2008

Late at night and Sleepyheaded

I probably should not be allowed this close to a computer, heh. The song of the day (and it has indeed been stuck in my brain, is the New Christy Minstrels (I think that's their name) singing "Uh oh, don't let the rain come down, oh no, don't let the rain come down". Life at it's cruelest.

Not that I didn't malign the snow at times, but that is on soupy sloppy mess out there. Just try walking in 10+ inches of sloppy slushy clumpy snow, let alone drive through it. After watching a couple of cars ultimately give up their fight to leave the apartment partking lot yesterday, I put away any thoughts of taking my car out. There just isn't anything I needed badly enough to chance it. By this afternoon, things were looking a whole lot better, so I will be shopping tomorrow.

I do have a couple of things that I really want to blog about right now, but I tell you what, I am just getting too sleepy. It's 1:34 am, what I am I doing awake anyhow? Just revved up by a very productive conversation IM style with my friend T, who may or may not read this blog, but I found it energizing and just very positive. But I think, now I will sleep and perchance, dream. We did make dream maps tonight, each choosing something we'd really like to come into our lives somehow, but making sure we weren't being too darn greedy. For me it is a lens for my camera, as well as a Nikon camera body that I lust after. For her it is cool comfy shoes that are a taste costly. So it is possible that I'll dream, since these are dream maps. One never knows.

and since I'm looking at the screen sorta sideways and my hands are over the edge of the laptop where I can't even see them. Well it's time to shut the eyes. Maybe if I fall asleep with my hands on the keys they will keep writing while I sleep. Now wouldn't that be interesting? Hmmm, one of these nights Im going to try it. Messages from the dream world......

I'm babbling because I am no really awake anymore. So sweet dreams all. I have tales of Christmas but they'll have to wait. I was only going to write a couple of lines here anyhow and we see how well I've done at that. I only prayt that I've been putting the punctuation in correctly, because we know what a stickler proper punctuation is with G2. THis last has been written with mt eyes closed, yes I even typed the 2 with my eyes shut.


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