Sunday, December 28, 2008

And the snow is over (for now)

I have discovered the biggest time waster known to man (or woman). Do not go to to check and see if this is true. No, I beg of you, don't do it! In particular, do not play mahjong! I'm serious here, people. Don't do it! You have been warned :)

If I had one of those riding lawnmowers, I think I'd invest in a snowplow blade attachment for it. After a couple of weeks like we just had, I'd recoup whatever the cost for the blade might have been. My neighbors would also be can't overestimate the value of good neighbor relations.

G2, I'd like you to know that writing in Word and then moving it to our blog no longer seems to be of any value. Today, I am writing this in Notepad. I have properly used paragraph indentations, along with leaving a space between each paragraph. We will see, won't we? Both of us have a real 'thing' for (mostly) proper English and punctuation. U won't c us rite like this. I can barely read text message, let alone write in it. Our inability to get blogspot to translate this accurately is very trying. I have an online friend with whom I exchange IM messages from time to time. She used to end our sessions with "CUL8R". I finally had to ask her just what that meant, thereby revealing my status as an uncool person. (See you later, just in case no one else can read that, either.)

We're watching The Sound of Music here. It still brings a tear to my eye, every time.


(Song of Day: I Ain't Broke, but Brother, I'm badly Bent)

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