Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Speaking of Tomatoes, or did I hear that correctly?

Speaking of tomatoes...yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I had every intention of purchasing a variety of tomatoes, colors and sizes, as I have a story in mind for them. The lovely yellow ones were front and center, but when I picked up a stem with five attached, my finger went right through one, and two more just blooped off and smooshed onto the floor. Closer examination revealed telltale glassy patches on most of them...I thinking it was frostbite during delivery, but who knows. Since the QFC tomatoes were camera shy and jumped overboard rather than come along with me, I'll check Central Market, which is really the go-to market in this area anyway, at least if you are looking for superior produce.

I know I should get my ears checked, because I mishear things lately. I know I should, but the things I hear are so much more fun than the original. For instance, I have an NCIS episode running while I type. Along came a commercial for Macy's, inviting me to come in for a freak skin analysis. WHAT???? Ohhhhh, a free analysis. Got it. I have the hearing test scheduled.



2Grandmas2 said...

I hate Macy's. I hated Macy's when they changed from the Bon Marche to the more yuppified "the Bon." IMO (snicker) MACY'S is a freak show. The only thing Macy's does well is the big balloons in NYC; and even some of those are darn freaky. YOU HEAR ME, S2? (Perhaps you need to pull that tomato out of your ear!!)

Fairy Soymother said...

Hello, inadvertently kosher fairy here :)