Sunday, December 21, 2008

The weather outside is frightful

(the jury is still out on "the snow is so delightful")

There was snow IN the carport. This snow that is still falling is teeny tiny flakes and the slightest wind sends it flying. We did not get the big windstorm that was predicted, so no issues, yet, with power outages. The snow is still on and in the trees, so the weight on them must be tremendous. That could sure knock out the power as well.

I think snowshoes would have made getting to the barn a bit easier this morning. This is a picnic table for the grand kids. It was clear last night so I could gauge snowfall amounts.

Somewhere is here a water bucket for the horse. It looks like I need to get out the loppers! (Oh for Pete's sake it's a joke, people)
The snow is up to Henry's tummy. Suddenly those too long corgi legs are not giving him the advantage on Kate. And he has something to say about it.

Kate lets Henry blaze the trails, then stands where he has tamped down the snow.
I think before this stuff starts to melt I will take the leaf blower out to the wood shed and blow all the snow off the wood. I also think I will add tarp sides to the east side.
(DOUBLE SPACE, INDENT)It is very pretty out. However, pipes are freezing all around, and I heard on the news that there are power outages in other areas. They have been canceling flights to and from Sea-Tac airport, and there is a young man from the Army who has been at the airport since Friday. (It is Sunday). All of the surrounding motels and hotels are booked. He just wants to go home for Christmas. The weather folks say the worst is now over. Myself? I have warmth from the woodstove and city water, however I am a bit concerned for my son who is trying to get home from Austin, Texas. He is helping move a friend and they are driving up. I told him to get chains for the car, but he is downplaying it. He likely knows now what I had meant. In a couple of hours I will call and see how far into Oregon they are now. The snow is still falling here, but it is predicted to turn to rain. It is interesting how accurately weather forecasters can be. I miss the cartoon weather reports of my youth. We always watched Bob Cramm do the weather as he was a guest at my parents' wedding. (Another one of those brushes with fame; and I hear my parents saying just as I do now "I remember, when I was your age..." I can almost see my kids rolling their eyes as I did back all those years ago.)
(DOUBLE SPACE,INDENT) Y'all take care and have a good day. You can also sit in anticipation as S2 and I talk of, and plan, our next excursion. Now SHE understands my love of the area that we visited on September).
G2 (trying the pictures in the middle in an effort to make paragraphs; is it working?)
Nice picture of the flower, S2. I like!!


Nazdi Boski said...

You could always try just hitting it with a stick....and don't forget to stand back.

2Grandmas2 said...

hahahaha No loppers? or are you talking the computer, or maybe the blogsite? It looks like the indents are there, but not the double spacing. I tried the middle in hopes; looks like we have the same ideas...gee, can that be?