Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I think that has to be the song of the day.

Western Washington saw its first snowfall of the year. It started last night and it is still snowing tiny little flakes this morning.

I dressed in jeans, heavy coat, and boots (OK, "boot;" I really didn't care if the left foot got cold and wet) and the dogs and I headed out to do chores at 7am. I just noticed that the boot print was for a left foot...indeed, I slipped my right foot into my left boot to do chores. So it goes.

The dogs were more interested in trying their four wheel drive:

I, on the other hand, had to stop and just take in the beauty of the moment.

As a kid, all those years ago, we had snow every year at Christmas. Dad used to hose down the patio so we could ice skate on it. Mom used to talk of Green Lake freezing over and skating on it, as it was within walking distance of her home.

Now, however, I am good for a day or two of snow. I live up on a small ridge and drive a compact pickup. I cannot get the truck home if I dare take it out. The cost monetarily is quite noticeable as well. The pool pump is running so the pipes don't freeze. The heat usually kicks on (it is set at a balmy 58 degrees) even if I have a fire going. It is all worth it for a day or two. After that I get cabin fever, the dogs get cold bellies, the horse won't go out of her stall to poop and pee, and I see dollar signs in my sleep. For now, I will savor the beauty. Enjoy!

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