Monday, December 29, 2008

S2! Gr82cU!!

LOL. ROFL, in fact.

She's right. There are very few IM "words" that either of us use. LOL is the most used, with an occasional ROFL thrown in for emPHAsis.

Now if we had some of those little smiley guys available for use here I would likely go crazy. I admit to being totally and completely hooked on the little fellas. Between the two of us we could likely write an entire blog using maybe ten, OK twelve, written words. I particularly like the little yellow man beating the dead horse. The dancing banana is a bit blase, but the guy pulling the BS flag out from behind his back is quite good as well. Another favored would have to be the guy eating popcorn. If only we could turn the yellow Walmart guy into a cherry tomato...

BTW, the only thing that makes me crazier than the IM lingo is ebonics. Don't even get me started on that! (Here I would be using the little Walmart guy smashing his head into the brick wall over and over and over)


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