Sunday, November 1, 2009

Of ghosts, goblins, phantoms, and headaches

First the good:

Last night I spent with four beautiful young princesses (OK, the smallest was actually a monkey) at my son's church harvest festival. The kids got to play games, cake walk, ride ponies, sing songs, and just plain enjoy a bit of cousinly fun time. It was also my son's wife's birthday; how nice to see him doting on his wife. He cooked her dinner and baked her a cake. How come I never got that? I'm thinking she did a better job picking...and he got pretty darn lucky. What a gem I have as my second daughter.

The ugly? Hmmmm. I guess the sticky syrup I kept laying my arm in. (Did I mention that the son also cooked his wife French Toast for breakfast?) Then there was trying to understand the very complex card game he was trying to teach me as we waited for the cake to bake. Perhaps the flightless fruit flies that he seems to enjoy breeding for his fish to eat. Weird child, that one. Did I mention how wonderful his wife is? I'm not sure I would be as willing to deal with multiple bottles of maggots in various stages, tucked away in cupboards. EWWWWW.

The bad: The phantom returns. I'm thinking it is related to either a prosthetic fit issue because of the surgery, or a back alignment issue due to all the recent poor sleep. This is new, however. It is the top of my foot that is electrically firing off messages to my body. It has always been under the arch. Neither is fun, and I am ready for it to be over. I will schedule appointments at both the chiropractor and the prosthetist for next week.

Now to end on a good note: I am signing up to do the Jingle Bell Run to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. I have brought the bike back in the house and will be settling it back on the trainer. My house will once again look like a gym, but it is MY house. Why do I need it to benefit any one but myself? With a bit of furniture rearranging all will be fine. I do look forward to getting back on the bike. I do not know if I will be running or walking. I do not know if I will be just doing the kiddie walk. It all depends on how the healing goes, and how the leg is fitting. I can be perfectly happy doing the 1K with my two, or three, grand kids. Heck, maybe Kira will join us with little Violet in the stroller. What do you say, Kira? I think Miss Lilly would be interested in your response...

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow begins a new week. It is a new month. All the discomfort that happened today is soon to be over. Isn't it brilliant how this all works?


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