Thursday, March 12, 2009

Conformation stacking blocks

For $245 one can buy this nifty set of stacking blocks, which are to teach the puppy/dog how to "stand pretty" for the judge at a show. Nice, and they come in a pretty little box

Or for $14 a cheapskate such as myself can go to the plumbing section of a home improvement store, and build them. (I realized that I need to glue carpeting on the bottom as they slip a bit. Just setting them on it took care of the problem for the picture.) I am a bit shocked that Kate actually stayed there while I got the camera and took a picture.

The way I figure it that is $231 that can go in the vacation fund.


4 comments: said...

GENIUS!! Thank you so much for this tip :) I was trying to look for something in my tiny budget and cat wait to get to the hardware store!!


Anonymous said...

What is he standing on??

Denise Newlon said...

How did you make these???

ukusa 300d said...

They look like those sewer line Clean Out caps from Home Depot.