Monday, March 23, 2009

Late to bed and early to rise

That is becoming my schedule after dog shows. The dogs are like toddlers; when they are ready to get up, then the house must come to life. Unfortunately there is no one to tend to their needs but sleepy me. Unlike toddlers there is no movie or video that can make them happy for an extra ten minutes. So I am up. I cannot see straight, but I am up. You can thank blogspot for putting a spell check on the site.

First, and foremost: the things one can learn from the offspring. Thanks, dear daughter, for showing me that those silly "fake pockets" on suit coats/blazers are simply REAL pockets sewn shut. I am forever in your debt and am pleased as punch that all my dress coats will be smelling of liver. Much better them than my mouth...

Yesterday was great. I learned a lot at this weekend's shows. That is a good thing as I no longer qualify for the "novice" class. Kate did well, but lost the point because she didn't look like she was enjoying herself. Today I am out to look for a tennis ball that squeaks. It will be stored in the show bag and sneaked into my pocket before we enter the ring. She is very passionate about her tennis balls. She doesn't care if they are thrown, she just carries them around snagged on a canine tooth.

So we won two ribbons again. Blue in our Novice class, and reserve in the bitch class. After talking with the judge a couple of times yesterday I will not set a deadline as far as showing her in conformation classes. He felt she was quite nice and that a lot of her pluses make up for her uneven top line; and that she may even out enough that it will become less noticeable. Only time will tell. All is quiet right now, so it is nap time for G2. Like her handler, Castell Katelan feels much more comfy in her version of T-shirt and jeans:


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Grandma Blog said...

I guess dogs are like people,they have their quirky little ways about them.