Saturday, March 14, 2009


Those funny little Walmart smiley faces. Now there are dancing bananas as well. While I am NOT, in any way shape or form, a person that enjoys the silliness of "CUL8R" and other such shortcuts that are messaging nirvana (although I do like ROFLMAO) I find this blog site is clearing lacking because there are no emoticons. A couple of the forums that I frequent have a good number of them available and they truly can show feelings, oft times better than words. "Yea, right, I know you did it" clearly conveys the message better if there is either a smiley face with a wink, or the bright red smiley face that is not smiling, but has flames around him. There have been many times I have been blogging that just screamed for a dancing banana or for a smiley with a cowboy hat and a stick, smacking a horse with little crosses for eyes. See how many words and how much space I just used? You dear readers haven't a clue the frame of mind I may be in while writing. I suppose I could do something like this: "Sure, S2. You are finished with pets. No more cats." (wink, wink) Much different than me saying: "Sure, more cats (steam coming out ears and top of head flying toward the ceiling). At times I try to convey where I am going by liberal use of the Caps Lock key so that I can do a bit of emphasizing. I THINK it works...

So, my quest for the day, uhm, evening (blushing face) is to see if I can find a way to bring some emoticons aboard (banana dance). Then there will be an ongoing contest between the two, or possibly three, Grandmas to see who can use the most in a blog (witch smiley face stirring a cauldron, with the little devil smiley face thrown in as, not into the cauldron, AFTER the cauldron emoticon.....and now the winky guy followed by the BIG grinning one.) You may find yourselves L(ing)OL, or maybe even ROFL, and that would be fine by me. (smiley bowing with hands to the sky). Just do NOT say "RU there?" I might have to say "mabey."


Oh noooooo. I'm kinda sick of the darn things (so sorry to have to say it ;). And so far, I've resisted the kitty idea. I know it distance didn't work for you, but having to drive to Yakima to meet said kitty has cooled me back down. Not to mention, a foot and a half of snow has fallen in the mountains just in the last 24 hours.

Maybe you have seen cuter emoticons than I have?

Banana? The only banana thing I can think of is the dancing banana with strings attached to the peels in some restaurant commercial. Denny's? And it sings about being called 'Nannerpuss'. You can't mean that...

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Grandma Blog said...

Life is hard enough and now we have to learn this abbreviated form.
You know like HMO IRS NRA GPA

Probably everybody reading this know exactly what each of those initals stands for or at least what the general meaning is.