Sunday, March 1, 2009

The weekend in review

and it is only Sunday morning!!

I am ready for some nice, quiet rest today. I have a bit of running around, but other than ball in the pasture I should be able to just "chill" today.

Yesterday: birthday party for the soon-to-be-not youngest grand kid. Three. How is that possible? Picture this: 6 very young girly girls and one toddler boy. Oldest grand daughter grumped out at not winning game. After trying to nab all the attention for her drama queen actions I had to take her into a room and have a little discussion on attitude adjustment. She wanted to go home. Now. Only will go to parties with NO games. Never plays games at home. ALWAYS wins those never played games. sigh. I got no where. After ten or fifteen minutes of no one near her she snapped out of it. (Make note: talks only bring attention. No touch, no talk, no holding, put in chair by herself and let it run its course.) Years ago I told myself that someday MY daughter would get her just due with her own kid. So sorry, dear. Any way, things got VERY hectic as the gift opening began. ALL the little girls wanted to either open the presents or give Lilly the presents to open. It soon threw all of us over age 8 into overload. Lilly tried her best to thank each present giver, but she began to get that "deer in a headlight" glassy eye thing. Having had two boys and a girl I had never had so many little princesses in such a close proximity. The pink, purple and glitter was overwhelming. I would then look at linebacker toddler Max and smile and re-focus. No drama, no competition, he just is Max. The men-folk were in the other room "talking." I would rather deal with princesses than with "former" so sat tight. I think I will opt out on the full family events. It is just too weird. Kids began to melt down, and I knew Kate needed out of her crate, so it was time to exit.

I am looking for a bicycle, so stopped by a couple of bike shops on the way home. My nephew told me that I MUST check out bikes at a real shop so I would know what I need. I can now tell him that I did and will continue to watch the Craig's list ads. I just cannot justify upwards of $500 for a bicycle. Living so close to the ferry and the post office, it will be my mode of transportation for those things, and I will get training time in as well. I will be walking this September. We will be a great team, Kira and myself. A one legged granny and a very pregnant daughter. We may be well suited to each other. At the least she will be in great shape for the next delivery, and the competition in me will have me going for the greater total miles walked.

Once home I headed to the field for doggy/horsey run time. I picked up one of those tennis balls "fingers." It is just a long plastic stick with a cup thing that cradles the ball. One flick of the wrist and the ball is on the other side of the field. Very cool. Two balls, two dogs. Kate just likes to run around carrying her's. Henry races full speed to nab the thrown ball. For the next few days that will be the toy of choice. Another added plus for this thing is that when it is empty of its ball it makes an excellent horse scratcher...and no dirt under the finger nails! I soon had Windy following me around like a little puppy. I made it out of the field without paw prints on my pants, and with clean hands! The little things that make me smile.

I fell into bed at about 8pm. I vaguely remember hearing the phone somewhere around 10 (S2?) but fell right back to sleep. Up at 2 to turn off lights and let dogs out one last time, then back to bed. This morning I was stiff from sleeping so hard.

Now it is time to dress and go. Happy March to all...


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