Monday, March 9, 2009

Thyme for Snow

Again??? I don't know about anyone else, but it's mid-March, and I really am done with snow! Luckily, thyme is one tough little herb. And even though we have snow, it's just not that cold. I'm sure that the moment it stops, it will melt. That works for me :)

I took these photos maybe twenty minutes ago.

I have made a decision. My laptop computer has begun to make an ominous sound. It's the same sound it made last November when I hustled it in to Frye's (bless that 5 year warranty). They turned it on, it made the ominous noise, and I was told it was the hard drive. After picking up my loaner (double bless that warranty with it's loaner option), I left the laptop with them. It promptly refused to make that noise even one more time.

Well, the ominous noise is back, and it's worse than it was the first time.

I would take it right down to Frye's, but look to the is snowing. It's not so bad here, but I hear the east side (where Frye's actually is located) is getting slammed. It's not worth venturing out on the freeway when all those n0n-snow wise drivers are out there.

Tomorrow will be soon enough...


Wow; around noon we had about 5 minutes worth and then it went away. Blue sky, sunshine, and bitter cold wind. They say 20s tonight, so I will be once again turning on the pool pump, the heaters in the trailer and in the garage, and wait for the outrageous power bill.
I have also heard that the eastside is a mess, but our forecast says snow for the next few days ("chance of") so I may go run out and get some junk food to soothe the savage beast in me as I become house bound again. Anyone got a groundhog I can shoot?

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