Monday, March 30, 2009

My day, such as it was.

Ramona: Hey Mom, remember when we took Nancy to eat at Subway?

Guardianship: Completed, and of course, it was done late. This year the courts have started handing out a personalized sheet of paper listing the target dates for future legal stuff. Thank you, county courthouse. You should have seen my ex and I cooing over this sheet of paper. If we get our guardianship papers in on time it will be a first. We swear we will get it right!

Library fun: It's library day, and we still can't find one of the cd's Ramona took out. Will have to pay for it. On the plus side, while we were digging for 101 Dalmations, we found the Hannah Montana movie that's been missing for a week.

Teeth: when will it stop aching? It's gone, already! Maybe I've got the fabled dry socket. It's not that bad, actually, considering what people say about it.

Sun: The sun actually came out today, and shone on us through the courthouse windows. Large, expansive windows that would be spectacular with some stained glass.

The Grateful Dead: Two of the remaining members of the band, known now as the Dead, were on the View (ABC) today. Just call my mind officially boggled. Phil and Bobby looked and sounded great...I have begun to actually consider going to see them at the Gorge. I really need some Grateful Dead....I really do.

What time is it when I hear this? Mom, what is for dinner tonight? Answer: Yesterday (asking about tonight), 8am, 9am, 10am, until I give up and figure something out. Then she'll ask a couple more times, just to make sure.'s all, folks.

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