Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is in the air?

And I am cleaning and de-cluttering. You would never know it if you saw my house right now.

I have a second bedroom. It has never been a bedroom. It has been an office. It has been a kid's room, and more recently it has been storage. That kind of storage that is "at the moment" storage. The kind where someone calls and are going to stop by in about an hour. I run around crazy, throwing things in grocery bags or boxes so that there is at least one surface area that is not covered in piles of undone things.

Yesterday I decided it was time to tackle the room. The only way I knew I would get it done was to bring all the bags and boxes out into the kitchen, where I had to trip over them until they are dealt with. (They are still there, as I am still cleaning out the room.) I cannot believe how much stuff I have accumulated in seven years. A lot of it will be going back out the door. I have several piles. The dumpster pile, the thrift store pile, the recycle pile, and a few Craig's List items. The videos are going to the Thrift store, as are most of the toys. I don't have kids, and I don't need a room of toys. I will have a few books and toys, but they all have to fit into the little toy box. There will be some happy kids around Kingston. The twin beds are gone. I remember those beds from my Grandma's house...and she died when I was 6. They went to Port Orchard yesterday. One of them was in pieces in the closet in "the" room. The closet was full of...boxes!! The bed was behind the boxes. More for the kitchen. My new mantra: If I haven't needed it in the past year it is out of here! Want to guess what I am doing today?

I am beginning to dislike Spring.


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