Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jury duty

Yes, indeedy, I won that lottery. I have to call in each night and see if they say my group number and then show up if they do. I remembered this morning at 8:30. I freaked out. I simply can't just not appear, and the courthouse is just short of an hour away. I call the number with trembling hands. Hooray, my number is not...darn! A group of numbers is given that are on "standby." We must call back after 11:30. 11:45 I smugly make the call, knowing that I am safe. Wrong...I have exactly one hour to get there. Kate gets thrown in crate and I throw on clothes and head out. I make it, but had not eaten anything but two pieces of dry toast; well, maybe the equivalent of one when you count sharing with the dogs.

There are 49 potential jurors. We watch the movie and then we sit for a couple of hours. Finally we line up in numerical order and enter the courthouse. Then come the questions that will allow some "weeding out." I was saddened by a couple of them. "How many of you have been victims of crime," and "how many have relatives or close friends that have been victims of crimes." What was sad was that I am not sure that there was even one that could answer "no" to both of those. I would bet that my parents could have "back in the day." Sad. Anyway, weeded out about 1/3 so back again first thing in the morning. I have to be there at 8:15 so have rush hour to contend with as well as needing to do my chores. I also need to get gas, and arrange a dog safe area in the house so Kate isn't stuck in her crate all day. It is my civic duty, right? The truth is, Because I don't have to take time from work I SHOULD be there. This is going to be tough and I suspect tomorrow will see me coming home, but you never know.

So, I will more than likely not be posting if I get that final call and must serve. Once it is over I will share what I can.

Stay warm, my friends. We will be in the low 20s again tonight.


I know what, you should bring along a cherry tomato and take a picture of it doing it's civic duty. hey!


Hmmmm, will they allow cameras into the courthouse? I guess I could use the cell phone, eh?


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