Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Flying Dragon Welcomes You

We have a new Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood has reacted ecstatically. A week or so ago, when I had just had 'minor surgery', I ordered and had it delivered. This was my second experience; they will deliver!

The food is excellent, there is no MSG, the couple who run it are welcoming, and if you go in and sit down, you will feel a calm settle upon you. Clearly, attention was paid to
feng shui; the effects are evident throughout. The phone number is not neglected, either. 8 is a lucky number in China: The phone number for the Flying Dragon is 206-533-8888. All numbers are eights or add up to eight. Attention was clearly paid to detail.

The tables are placed so that there are no restrictions as you move around. The uncluttered atmosphere lends itself to peaceful reflection, and who doesn't need more peace in their lives? Red decorations are used throughout, with a happiness symbol greeting you as you enter, as does a large flying dragon. Living plants and real flowers grace the desk and tabletops. I ate in the first time I visited...plenty of elbow room. Great signage out front, you really cannot miss the place!

I really hope that everyone tries this place. When I expressed a desire for little salt, there was no problem. Their sweet and sour sauce reminds me of the late, lamented China First Restaurant in Lynnwood, which is a very good thing indeed. The price was moderate, the luncheon specials are a steal at $5.95 to 7.25. So far, I've played it safe and ordered my favorites (sweet and sour prawns, almond chicken, garlic chicken, broccoli beef, and so on), but next time I'll be ready to do some serious research.

Photos must wait for another time; when I was there I wasn't ready to be so impressed. Nor did I have my camera. I just happened to see the NOW OPEN sign and my car turned itself into the parking lot of it's own accord.

Flying Dragon Chinese Cuisine
1437 NW Richmond Beach Rd. #c
Shoreline, WA 98177
free delivery ($15.oo minimum order)

My fortune : You could be invited to travel to a foreign land.
That is my kind of fortune :)

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