Sunday, March 8, 2009

A nice way to end, or start, the week

The sun is shining brightly and the sky is a brilliant blue. High in the sky are numerous bald eagles just soaring. Whether they are trying to warm up in the sun, or just enjoying a lazy Sunday is impossible to say. It is still well below freezing here...the guess was that by 4pm we will hit a high of 41. I don't think we will make that over on this side of Puget Sound. When I made a last trip out with the pups at 10:30pm last night, the grass was already frozen. Projected temperature tonight is 28. We were supposed to get a lot of snow; we had some snow and hail mixes, but then the sky cleared and the moon shone quite bright.

I was just outside throwing balls for the dogs. The field is still frozen. After about twenty minutes my hands were seriously cold.Now I am waiting for the warmth of the wood stove to take care of the chill.
My daughter and number one grandchild were here for the day yesterday until a couple of hours ago. After the grandkid went to bed we watched a movie and just enjoyed lazing and the camaraderie. A bit earlier we had the Wii going and she gets so into it that this morning her arms were still hurting her. She is doing so much better in this pregnancy; weird cravings, but not sick. She has already hit the 5 mile walk, the bugger! I am hoping that the competition we share will keep us both walking throughout the 3 day. She will be pretty "rotund" by then so we will likely be a good match for each other. I really do look forward to it; September just keeps getting closer and closer.

Kira helped me with some pictures that I needed taken of Katelan. I suspect this next show will be a bit of a joke as they are supposed to have a level "top line." You can see in the side shot that she is shaped a bit more like one of those "hoopty mobiles;" A bit high in the rear. I know how I can solve part of the problem. I don't have her back legs out far enough. We will be working on that this week. A suggestion was made to put four full paint cans on the table and put a foot on each can...just to get her used to stretching; setting herself up. The front shot is almost perfect. (Nothing a few paint cans can't remedy!)
The best part was just spending time with my daughter. We shared some memories; some ups and some downs. A lot of her memories are wiped out from my brain due to the amount of time I was ill. A bit like the times I spend with S2. It is nice to have someone around to do that with. Someone who feels safe. Someone who has felt the pain of death, and the pain of disease, yet still is warped enough to turn it into something we can laugh about. I will never forget right after my leg was removed. I was attending support group meetings for amputees. S2 brought me a button that I believe came from a convenience store. It read: "I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person." She was thinking of my home situation and how appropriate it was. I, of course, was thinking of the woman in support group who had lost both arms in a fire her husband (ex) had set. Funny; now I think about my 38 Special that is strapped to my waist.
Song of the day?
It has to be the Byrds "Turn, turn, turn" don't you think?

You went to interesting places...I had forgotten about that pin. The two of us have been through it, haven't we? And we still laugh ourselves silly, I think we're doing well. Better all the time, in fact! Kate is looking well, can't wait to see her up on paint cans, though :)

I just got back from Home Depot and am very proud of my creativity. No paint cans here, and no $100 blocks of wood either. When finished I will take a picture of my $14 creations...although I am not so sure how I will do that and keep Kate standing on them....hmmmm, more creativity is in order.

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Grandma Blog said...

It is cold over on this side of the mountain too. Adjusting the clock by an hour didn't seem to hurry the warm weather up.
I love the dog. Cute pictures.