Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a view!

I love the way that the moss and ferns grow on the trees here.

The motor-sickle is warming up outside and I am getting the house cleaned up a bit and sending out some emails. As I look out my window I am in awe of what I see. I live in the most beautiful part of the country. I have trees, salt water, and two mountain ranges easily visible from my yard. AND...

I see proof that Spring is really going to come:

Before the alders leaf out, I can actually see the water...yes the picture is too small for you to see, so I am afraid that you will have to believe me. (Bottom, toward the right; tide is out.)

Pickup sticks, anyone? It was a very rough winter. A short walk will net me next year's heat sources.
One of Kitsap peninsula's versions of Kudzu...ivy. NONE of the leaves in this picture belong to the trees. (However, I am not sure I would want to try and make jelly out of this.)
The scoot is well past warm, and with all the layers I have on, so am I. I bid you all adieu.
That northwest version of Kudzu is another gift from the south: It's Virginia creeper. Aren't we blessed to be able to step outside and see all that beauty around us? It's just as gorgeous at my place, but without the winter tidal view.

Hope you took the camera with you on your ride today!
Yes, I took it, but took no pictures. It was friggin' cold out there, and I didn't stop. I put in about 100 miles and came home; I warmed up by beginning the rock raking in the pasture. It was recommended that I not overseed until at least mid April. (The weather was nicer on this side of the canal.)

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