Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A day with a five year old

I was blessed with spending the day with my number two grand daughter, who is five. Non stop talk was the special of the day. She can read, so every sign was scrutinized and sounded out. She also knows sign language, so was teaching me that. Understand, of course, that she could easily be pulling the wool over my eyes and I would likely not catch it. Some of the things she knows are: poetry is a little story that has rhymes. There are vowels that connect other letters to make words. To jump off the ramp to the ferry boat would not be good as the water is cold. My favorite is the bald eagle that we saw was the Daddy, because "Daddy's are bald, silly grandma, not Mommys." I also learned that hangnails can catch on tights, but if she pulls really fast it only hurts for a second and sometimes it will get pulled off and then won't hurt any more.

The plans were to give Windy a bath and finish up the clip job. However it has been a cold drizzly day so that plan was scrapped. We did some crafts and read. We sang songs (Christmas carols) and told stories. The favorite was the chipmunks in the swimming pool event. She had me retell it at least three times. We hit the jackpot coming here on the ferry boat. I let her pick a snack and when she put in the money her Skittles hung for a split second and I thought we might have to jiggle the machine. Instead it gave us two. Inside I suspect the little hamster was reading my mind and I could almost her him squeaking "NOOOOOOOOO" as I got close to the machine. He then got on his little hamster wheel and kicked it into overdrive and we got two packages. We thanked him and then acknowledged that he was pretend.

All in all it was wonderful, and way too short. I think I am going to have to do this much more often. They are growing up way too fast.

One the return trip home after dropping her off with her Dad, I was escorted to port by three dolphins. How cool is that!!!


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