Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh my

I feel like a cooked noodle that has been thrown against the wall. I think I might be over cooked.

I picked up my treadmill on Wednesday. I got it into the house yesterday about dinner time. I have found that there is a reason that these things come in multiple boxes. This is big. It is heavy. It is awkward. Sure once inside, it it wonderful as it folds up and has wheels on one side of the base. So it can be tipped back and wheeled, uhmmm, well it can be wheeled "somewhere." Where it ends up after the walk is yet to be determined. At this point it is in the living room and a lot of things have been pushed aside. Training now takes precedence over entertaining. (Like I do any entertaining!!)

So. I get home after picking the treadmill up, Wednesday, and unload it into the carport. Thursday I take the trusty tape measure out and measure it. There is no way it will fit into my door off the carport. I am very sure it will fit in the slider off the pool, so begin the thought process of getting into the house by way of that door. It fits through the gate of the pool, barely, but must be move "side ways." Wouldn't it be nice if those wheels on the base were swivel wheels? An inch at a time I get it through the gate. Yes!! By now I am breathing heavy, and sweat is beginning to form all over. Next I must get the thing up two steps and into my room. No problem, think I, I got it through the gate. I can get it up those two cement steps. I get it up one, no problem, but the second just isn't happening. The steps are not wide enough to be able to get the whole thing on that first step, and it will not straddle the first step to go all the way up to the room. Back down and get the ramp. By now I am wet with sweat, and I think the brain is lacking oxygen. I get the ramp and set it on the first step and wiggle the treadmill onto the ramp. (You know where I am going, don't you? Like I said, I am now panting, and the brain wasn't fully functional.) Here I am. Leaning through the slider and trying to pull this huge thing up and in. sigh. I don't need a ramp to the first step. I need it spanning the first step and onto the second. Walk treadmill back down and again set the ramp, this time where it truly is needed. Inch by inch I walked the thing into my bedroom. Upon sitting for a minute I begin to realize that I may not be able to get it thru my bedroom door and go get the tape measure. Remember, each little "step" of this must be done sideways, so those wheels are of no help. I sit and gasp for a few minutes. Then begin to wiggle very slowly to the door and then through it. I must make tiny little moves as it can just barely get thru using different angles. Success!! However, the hall way is not wide enough to be able to use those handy wheels, once again. So I wiggle it, and walk it into the dining area. At this point I am thinking about where this huge piece of equipment is going to go. I move the table over to the piano. Maybe the dining area will be its home until September. I can't see the TV, and figured that would be my reward. As I sit contemplating the possibilities I look at the dog crates and realize that I could have used the nice furniture dolly that I got from Circuit City when they closed down. It has wonderful huge swivel wheels. So, the last five feet were done quickly and easily. (I am now, as I type, picturing myself beating my head on a brick wall.) Of course once I get the cord where it will reach a plug in I simply MUST try it out. I feel a bit like George Jetson. This thing has a dashboard and I haven't a clue what all buttons I should push. "Start" sounds like a plan. On I go. Slooooowly. So I push a button with a "2." Uh wrong button as I am trying my best to jog my way back to the control panel. Perhaps I can find an owner's manual on line. I cannot find the "Off" switch. Oh stop! I found the "stop" button. It is huge and says "STOP" on it. But I don't know how to silence the dashboard. it is laughing at my measly twenty seconds and is broadcasting it to the heavens. "Look. She did a great big twenty seconds and she thinks she is going to walk sixty miles! Hey everyone, over here. Look. Look!!" I pull the plug to silence the monster. I cackle a bit as I am thinking about the wicked witch of the west "I'm melting...."

On line I see where I can download the owner's manual. Model number is needed. No problem. It is on the now silent dashboard in big chrome letters. C 2000. Nope. Luckily there is a pop up that tells me where to look. It gives me six options. First go over I come up dry. No serial number plate. Now I find a flashlight and get down on my hands and knees. Success!! What the heck is that big C2000? It is model number NTL1084.2. Of course. I should have known that! Well, the good news is that I was able to print out the 34 page book. The bonus was that I found the on/off switch. It was then time to head to the shower. While I didn't get a mile in, or even a half mile in, I got plenty of exercise. That MUST count for something, right?

Upon flipping through the manual I am amazed at all this treadmill can do. I can set various "routes" where I walk level for a bit than climb little hills, and bigger hills, and mountains. I can mosey along, or I can sprint. All is done with me just hanging on to those nifty handles that will give my heart rate. I can even get, or download, special programs that have been written by trainers and that target certain goals. It also has two fans that will blow on me as I train. THOSE would have come in handy while I was moving the bloody thing. It has all the bells and whistles. If only I could go to bed and have it take my body and put it to work as I sleep. I could wake up refreshed and strong. Impossible, but I can dream can't I? For now the treadmill is in the middle of the floor. I think that is where it will stay for the next few months.

I will tell you one thing. I got the workout of my life last night. And I only had it on for twenty seconds. Boy am I stiff!!



Grandma Blog said...

So you bought a clothes rack eh? Just teasing a little. I'm sure you will do much better than I would. Much success to you !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Grandma
I have been looking around for a manual for the tradmill you have the model # 1084.2. Do you remember where you found it on line?
My email