Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunset at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

I had a calm Sunday, punctuated with fits of activity during which I got as much done as possible. The new freezer wants to be in an extremely clean kitchen. I've been in a 'take a toothbrush to the small crevices' sort of mood. However, there are hitches. I took down some pictures that have been up quite a while; now I need to wash the walls. Next, I'll be wanting to paint the walls, mark my words.

I had a fantastic Saturday, my friend Karen and I headed north to see the tulip fields in Mt. Vernon. All I have to say at the moment, is that the daffodils were stunning! Photos of them will come later.

So this evening, Karen and I convened to compare our respective caches of photos, when we suddenly realized it was sunset time! Really, we were late setting out, but we made it out to Richmond Beach Saltwater Park before the colors were finished. Sometimes I think that the darkening of the sunset is the very best part. I know we both took some wonderful shots...enjoy:

We're so lucky to have a park like this so near. It's 'owned' by the City of Shoreline now, and clearly the city has money. The improvements are great but they do look as though they are expensive. I probably wouldn't make that observation if the economy were better. This is a wonderful park and I've loved it for many years.

We took Karen's dog, Charlie, with us to the park. It was her third trip to the park today, apparently! As we took the elevator upstairs on our way back home, I think you can read her mind: Open, open, open...

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Grandma Blog said...

I can't wait to see the daffodil pictures. I love daffodils.
Your blog pictures are always the best.