Saturday, April 18, 2009

A very fine Saturday, thank you very much!

Indeed. Spring weather. Sunny and chilly. I dressed in several layers, with the top being leather. Do you get where I am going with this? It was one of those thirty minute miles. It's funny how much longer it takes to get somewhere on the motorcycle. It's not like I am dawdling. In fact I have to really watch the right wrist as it tends to flex a bit too much, and I don't want to soil my perfect driving record with a speeding ticket. As I was cruising prior to getting on the ferry, I realized that my cheap Walmart watch was frozen at 11:30. I think it was a victim of the cruel winter. I guess I should figure on spending the $5 each year, eh? Since I had a date with two of the grandkids I figured I had better make my way to the ferry dock. As happens more often than not, I arrived and paid for my tickets with just five minutes to spare before loading. I love riding the bike on the ferry as there is no waiting in line. First on, first off. I drive a bit more tense on the first few trips out. I need to knock the cobwebs from my riding body. Once the wind hits me that feeling of excitement and content come out as well. I feel free.

I got to my son's and was greeted by the two girls, squealing in excitement. Their Mommy went off on her way, and we sat and read six books that they had just checked out at the library. We then popped some popcorn and settled to watch "Toy Story." After about 10 minutes they wanted to play outside. As we were getting shoes on the older child changed her mind, as she was afraid the alarm was set and she didn't want it to go off. I told her it was probably fine, but she quickly told me she would rather just stay in the house and read some more. Hmmmm. Mom got home and I was telling her about the alarm story and she began to chuckle. It seems that the alarm system can be set up to "kid proof" the house. Generally if the system is on, the door can be opened and it will beep and you have a certain amount of time to disarm it. If it is set to "kid-proof" and they open the door if goes off in a VERY loud and very long squeal. One of the girls decided to sneak outside one day when Mom thought she was napping. BUSTED!! Maybe I DO like technology a little. I would have loved to see that. Mom said that both girls completely freaked out and started crying. A perfect instance of Mommy having eyes everywhere.

I got back on the bike and headed for the ferry. I hate leaving Kate crated, but I hate even more having to deal with the destruction. I need to remember that she was a crate raised dog. All the things that Henry outgrew long ago are showing in Kate now. However, the most interesting thing is that her love of books has changed. She now only eats the ones that are not mine. sigh. At any rate, I had bought my home-bound ride when I left at noon, so was able to go straight to the dock and have it scanned. Again, no lines. As I turned to go down to the dock the oncoming bikes were unloading. Perfect! The ride home was great. Seagulls following along. A few waves from the big freighters...I find myself saying a little prayer that they will reach their destinations safely now. I stayed on the car deck with my bike. A great front row seat; why go anywhere else? As I spotted the dock I got that feeling in my stomach. That rush of excitement. As a kid we called them "tummy tickles." It is like my whole body is so excited at where I live and how it is all working out. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Once home I rushed in and got the doggies and headed to the pasture. The horse softly called...not to me, to the dogs! I threw the ball enough times that Henry was refusing to bring it back and Kate's dirty tongue was hanging to the ground.

Tomorrow is a doggie day. A friend who is a massage therapist and trainer is doing the "Spring Fair" at a wonderful shop in S'dale. After a stopover to let Henry climb all over her (roll eyes) we head to the dog park where a professional horse photographer wants to try her hand at dogs. Sadly, both dogs are blowing their coats right now (as is the horse, but she will be shaved down in the next few days. It would be a sad and sorry looking corgi if they got clippered). I will get the furminator out and work them both over tonight and again in the morning. More so that I am not eating dog hair for the next several trips in the truck!

The song of the day is homage to a couple of friends, one metal and rubber, the other, hmmm, partially metal, now that I think about it.

It was late last night, the other day
I thought I'd go up and see Ray
So I went up and I saw Ray
There was only one thing Ray could say, was

I, I don't want a pickle
I just want to ride on my motorcycle.
And I don't want a tickle
I'd rather ride on my motorcycle
And I don't want to die
Just want to ride on my motorcycle...

Thanks, Arlo!!


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Grandma Blog said...

That is such a great idea of having an alarm to keep the kids on track. You are a brave soul to be riding a motorcycle. I am a chicken I guess. Probably a lot of fun. Thanks for your visit's and thoughtfulness.