Sunday, April 5, 2009

An interesting thing

As I begin to write it is just a few minutes before noon on Sunday. I have been up for seven hours already. I have done my chores, taking the dogs out to play, twice, started laundry, worked out, vacuumed and just did all the computer stuff. After I finish this I will turn off the computer and walk away until tomorrow. I am beginning to think that I am a morning person. If I try to stay in bed longer I get MUCH less done during the day and rather enjoy being sedentary. It could be that the daylight comes earlier and stays later now. I am not sure. It is a bit odd to have everything done by 10am. Not that I cannot find plenty more, mind you, but it all feels pretty darn good. I noticed the change a few days ago. As much as I wanted to lay in bed, I just could not do it. I was pretty grouchy until I got up and dressed, but the more I did, the better I felt. Along with this up by 5am stuff comes the to bed at around 9pm. I am so glad that I have the DVR thing because there are some TV shows that I enjoy watching, and most come on after I fall asleep. It seems to be that the more I do, the more I want to do. I remember having this feeling in high school. I used to get up at 5:30 and head out for a morning run. I LOVED to run, and especially loved the cool brisk air being drawn into my lungs. It was so invigorating. Perhaps it is the fact that my house is around 59 degrees when I get up and I have to get active to stay warm! I really haven't a clue, but know that I had to climb over the obstacle of "sedentaryism" (like that one?) to get to this point. It is so much easier to just vegetate in front of the computer screen. However, once over those few days of dragging myself away, I am finding that I have to force myself to sit here. I read once that in the canine world you can imprint a habit in four days. After the four days of a certain routine, that is what they expect. I saw it in Kate, when I brought her home. I am thinking perhaps as people we over think things and perhaps don't really just let the natural routine emerge. I would say it was about four days of fighting myself before this new routine became the comfortable norm. Maybe a bit longer, but not much. (Oh, and yes, I am sure that there are some folks that have seen me as a, ahem, female dog, at times ;-) ).

With that, I am out of here. It is a beautiful day and it is time to go walk on the beach.



Grandma Blog said...

I am also a morning person. Spring is so beautiful. I have a bum knee now and can't do any extra walking, but I am having surgery the 16th. I am Looking forward to the walks at the park.

2Grandmas2 said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers, Grandma. With this nice weather it would be really tough to be laid up. Here's to many nice walk in the park!!