Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Oh my; where to start. I guess I will begin with the physical stuff with me. September looms in the not so distant future to me. Part of that may be that it is so cold outside that it feels like fall or maybe even winter. We have had snow mixed with rain on and off today. So; yesterday I spent the money and bought a bike trainer. That is a stand with a roller that the back wheel of my bike sits on. It basically lets my mountain bike be a stationery bike. I get the benefits of riding my spiffy bike and not having to deal with mud streaks up my back. I spent the extra bucks for one that has fluid resistance and is quiet. I bike and watch TV, or listen to music, or read a book, etc, etc. Walking is not going well at this point. That is what worries me. I just cannot deal with the cold weather. You see, the cold causes my "residual limb" to shrink. Walking causes friction in the socket. So, I put a padded sock in to fill the space. As I walk I increase the heat via circulation and possibly a bit of friction. Then I need to take the sock off, and as I cool down put it back on. No big deal and I am sure I will be doing a lot of this on the big walk. However, I cannot easily do it with long pants on. Plain and simple. If I wear shorts, then I am colder, and the stump even smaller. Perhaps I should just sacrifice a pair of sweats and cut the leg off. If we don't get a weather change by the beginning of next week I will be doing that. Perhaps the odd dress will draw even more attention...and may help with fund raising!!! (I told you I try to see the good in the negative.) So, I think I am still on track, just not as far ahead as I would have hoped at this point. I also spend a minimum of three hours a day, rain or shine, out in the field; raking, scooping the poo, playing with the dogs, and digging up rocks and boulders. No more resting during the day. I am almost always asleep by 10pm. As soon as I get the bike computer wired up I will be able to see how many miles I am "going." For now I am on the bike whenever I feel tired and the urge to surf the internet strikes. It feels great.

Kate. She seems to have gone through a growth spurt. That, or my work on conditioning her is beginning to pay off. During those three or four times a day that I take her out she runs and jumps nonstop. She has found a way to pant with her tongue hanging to her knees and still hold onto a tennis ball, or jump and snap her volleyball without biting her tongue. When we are outside she is never tired. As soon as we come in she collapses and sleeps. The dogs will be my walking companions once the weather clears. Henry tires long before Kate, so it may be one on one time, with him doing the shorter walks and Kate the longer. We try to get down to the beach every day, rain or shine, at low tide. I remember when walking that short distance used to have me worn out. It makes me sad to think I was that out of shape. Anyway, my girl seems to be growing into her bum a bit, or maybe the stronger musculature has her appear to be more level. I will leave that to the judges to determine at our next show, the first weekend of May.

I have a friend coming up from Oregon to participate in a Rat Show on Mercer Island this weekend. I will wait while you all re-read that. I will go see her and maybe take some pictures. I must admit that I haven't a clue what the show involves. I am not overly fond of the critters, but to each his/her own. I know that many folks don't understand my dog show thing either. I'm hoping that I will get to see an obstacle course or something. It could be quite entertaining. I guess it is a huge show and I may be hiking between the places to park and the hall where the show is held. I'm certainly game for that. I rarely use the blue card anymore; something that tends to disappoint a few friends that offer to take me shopping or to Costco. Hmmmmm, maybe that is why my phone has been strangely silent for the past couple of think?!

So. This year April showers may be bringing June or July flowers. Maybe Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on this day of pranks. Maybe she is just trying to condition us for something bigger...

Computer time is up for the day. Back to the bike.


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