Sunday, April 19, 2009

One of those days

the kind that wears a person out before they even get up!

Yep. That was my Sunday. No day of rest here, beginning at somewhere after 5:30am. I got up at the usual crack-o-dawn with the corgwyn. However, this morning it was all I could do to even sit up. I am stiff from the riding yesterday, and the tinnitus was extra loud last night, also due to the riding, and lack of earplugs, and wind buffeting my head around, etc. etc. So, the loud squeal kept me from falling asleep until after midnight. So, I let the dogs out and after we come back in I went back to bed. I fell sound asleep so never heard the commotion in the front room. I neglected to crate the Kate dog, and she had a heyday in the living room. I want everyone reading this to take a look around the room you are sitting in. I cannot be so abnormal that I am the only one who stacks things in corners and under the computer desk. There is a shelf under there that nicely hold various boxes of computer programs. When I finally crawled out of bed for allergy meds I came into the front room and saw the war zone. Computer programs that no longer had boxes. A wireless router that I was going to return, which is also now without any box or packing. A used laser cartridge that had been boxed up for recycle. Now cannot be recycled as it is chewed in various places. Then, of course, a couple of books. AND some things off the table. I have laid the chairs down as I thought she was getting stuff by jumping on the chairs. Now I haven't a clue. She will be crated should I ever feel the need to go back to bed. It was crazy enough that I had to put myself in time out so I wouldn't strike her. The worst was that she was following me around as I picked up the bits and pieces. She hasn't a clue. I know it wasn't Henry as he slept beside me, and he would definitely be as far away as possible had he been involved.

Anyway, we went outside to blow off some steam. Today we were meeting the photographer in the off leash park and I thought I would throw in the basketball and a tennis ball should Kate need incentive. We had a blast and the photographer adored Henry and his whole charming self. I will get the pictures sometime in the next couple of week and I can hardly wait. She will be using a lot on her website, so that will be fun as well. After a couple of hours of wandering around I was pretty wiped out and the dogs tired, and wet. Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned that Miss Kate likes to swim. She found a series of ditches that were full of water and took a few refreshing dips. Henry, on the other hand, just waded up to his elbows in mud. I think I will need to be sure that the pool doors are locked up this summer. So, I threw the bags of poo in the back of the truck, and the wet dogs in the front and we headed to S'dale for the Spring Fling. When we got there it was all dear Henry could do to contain himself when he heard the trainer's voice. He hasn't been to class since November and he adores both the trainer and her husband, and there they were in the same room. All manners were out the door and the next thing I knew Noel was on the floor rolling around with Henry as he was trying to give her a thorough bath. He would then run full speed across the room to nudge at Mike and then back again. It was pretty darn cute. She worked on Kate a bit and we talked about things I can do to strengthen her back. Then we talked about the lack of training we are doing for the 3 day. She is a breast cancer survivor and is doing the walk this year. Yes indeedy, me thinks we will be sharing the short bus back to camp with her. We left Noel to continue on with her CGC (canine good citizenship) testing, which we are far from qualifying for, and I loaded up the fur kids and headed for home. They slept all the way and were raring to go about the time I turned up the driveway. The truck was full of dog hair, so I opted to vacuum immediately. When I walked around the truck...

the tailgate was down. Yep. When I put those baggies in at the park I didn't get it closed completely. There, nicely balanced on the edge, were those two baggies. Sadly, there is a basketball bouncing down a highway somewhere between here and there. Can you imagine driving along and having a basketball bounce past? I suspect it came out long before we hit the highway, at least I hope that is the case. I guess I will anxiously wait out the next couple of days and see if the county cops contact me. Hmmm, which would be worse, a bag of doggy poo or a ball? I know the ball could cause some damage, but, ewwwww.

Bedtime draws near, and I need to go fall in. My stiff, sore body needs some rest. Nighty night, y'all.


Oh my, what a day. Certain aspects do have me laughing, but oh my. I sure hope you feel better tomorrow (((hug)))

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