Friday, April 3, 2009

Wish granted

As if my son could hear my wishes and needs, he called and offered his youngest child for some one on one Grandma time.

She turned three in February and has a big sister, so sometimes it is fun to be the "only" kid at Grandma's. The weather couldn't have been better. When I got her at the ferry she was wearing some adorable knit gloves. "I have gloves on so I can touch the horse's tail," says she. Hmmmm.
We get home, having had a snack on the boat, and head directly to the pasture, she leading one dog, and me the other. Before we get to the gate she says "Is it OK if I touch the horse's tail withOUT my gloves?" I haven't a clue what the gloves were all about, but she was assured that she could touch the horse's tail however she wanted.
After thoroughly touching little Windy it was decided that she was in need a brushing. (You need to know that Windy has hair that is a couple of inches long due to the cold winter, and it is all beginning to fall out. We are expecting nights to be in the 20s or I would have shaved her already.)

Once the horse was nicely brushed it was decided that Windy really really wanted the child on her back, so we graciously accommodated her.

I didn't put the saddle or the pad on, but just plopped the child on top. She is such a natural...she held on with her little knees, without me even telling her, and grabbed a hunk of mane as a "handle."

I suddenly realize how big she has gotten. I also see how much she really does look like her Dad did at the same age. I will have to find some old pictures.

It was a great day, but I am exhausted. She is at the age of mimicry. EVERY thing I said, she repeated. I don't think there was quiet until she fell asleep.

I had forgotten the odd things that go on in the three year old mind. After a nice rest I might remember specifics.

For now, I call it a night.


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