Friday, January 16, 2009

Grandkids are the bestest

Last night was the Christmas Nativity play at the preschool that all three of my grand kids go to. It was snowed out by our much heavier than usual Christmas time snow fall. I got three long stemmed pink roses for the girls; after all, after a good job all actresses deserve a "bravo" and a rose, right? I took my seat, row three and , of course, ended up with the couple with the biggest heads in front of me. Next year I will just stand in the aisle off to the side so I can get some decent pictures. Anyway, it was adorable and we all laughed until we cried. In my family we had Mary and two angels. We also had the littlest angel. All had speaking parts. I have no idea what 90% were saying, but that was part of what made it so darn cute.
Grand daughter number one was "Mary" and took her part very seriously. She wore a gown from Ethiopia that was actually perfect for the part. Behind her is a cow; you can tell by the spots, silly!
After the play they sung Christmas songs to us. (I actually got two of the grand kids in one shot!!)

I need to dress and get my day started. You will be happy to know, just in case you had a sleepless night just feeling so bad for poor me, that my house no longer smells of liver. It is still around 62 degrees and I need to stoke the fire and dress and head out to buy show clothes....which may very well be the subject of my next blogging.........


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Awwww, they are so beautiful