Thursday, January 8, 2009

Paperwork vs e-work

I went to an insurance agent today. I have transferred all of my insurance (house, truck and motorcycle) to a new place. Cheaper, even. I do so little paperwork any more I was astounded as I signed my signature about six or seven times...maybe even eight. The good thing is that I now have no problem written 2009!! I could have done everything via email and phone, but it was really important that I know that everything is checked and rechecked. I hate surprises that mean another signature...this time on a check! Anyway, the good news is that I will get my motorcycle premium from the former insurer back, and that I will also get back the insurance I paid on my truck. It was double covered for the entire time I had it, and I didn't know until a month ago. Now that is taken care of too. The house insurance was due to draw from escrow mid February, so that timing was perfect as well. I guess all the stars must be in alignment.

The past few days I have been shredding paperwork that is no longer needed. Partly out of paranoia, I must admit. It came about following the divorce. 28 years with a person means that he knows almost everything. Nothing is safe. However, I also know all about him. Does that mean we are equal? I will leave that alone. So, e-work or pa[erwork? It all comes down to how secure I feel about the computer not crashing...pretty stupid. I think I will go pick up a few thumb drives and start storing stuff that is important on there. Of course everything is important, but budgeting stuff. Bill stuff. Bank stuff. I am delighted that I have a 5 drawer filing cabinet now again...anbd I also have enough shredded paper to start fires the rest of the winter. WHY can we not recycle shredded paper??? HMMMMMMM


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