Thursday, January 22, 2009

It is official

The Mamas and the Ta-tas (Kira's idea for our team name) will be part of the Breast Cancer 3 day in the Seattle area on 9/11-9/13. I am pretty excited, although I really HATE fund raising. Kira and I went to the meeting tonight, where we laughed and we cried. After signing up I took the woman who was running the meeting aside and lifted the pant leg to show off my Koi fish tattoo...well, not exactly, but you get my drift. She is hooking me up with another gimp woman who has done the walk more than once. I really really really want to do this, and I shall. I now get to pound the pavement and be a part of the cure of this ugly disease. The older I get, the more people I know that have had to deal with it. I will be making a shirt with the names of those I will be walking for. For now, I am exhausted. Tomorrow is another day.


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