Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandma living alone

I think a new product should be put out for those of us who live alone. Glasses WITHOUT hinges. I suspect you are getting my drift here. I wear glasses. I wear no line Bi-focal glasses. I really could care less if they close, but I DO care a lot if the screw comes out of the hinge that holds the temple to the main frame. My new glasses have screws that are so tiny that I cannot hold them between my fingernails and get them in the teeny tiny hole. "Tweezers," suggests my well meaning daughter from the cell phone that I am balancing on my shoulder as I am trying desperately to find the tiny screw with a magnet after I dropped in on the carpeted floor. I knew approximately where it dropped so was successful. After patting myself on the back and hanging up the phone I get the tweezers. I grab the aforementioned teeny tiny screw, which is really a bolt, with the tweezers. I am now thinking that I owe my daughter lunch...darn if I didn't think that too soon. Teeny tiny screw is not happy to be squeezed in the jaws of the tweezers, and now FLIES across the room to places unknown. sigh. The very small glasses repair set comes with a half a dozen different sized screws. None of them fit. At least I don't think they fit, as I really cannot see for sure if they are stationed correctly in the hole. Out comes the magnet, but no success. OK, I give up. Enter twist-tie. Strip off the plastic/paper covering and put into hole and secure with a few well placed twists. It obviously sets the glasses off by a bit, as I am getting really sea sick just typing this blog. Tomorrow I will be driving to Silverdale for repairs. And I will be asking if they make hingeless glasses frames. least I think that is a "G" and a "2"

Oh, and thanks dear daughter. You owe ME lunch!

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