Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

He would be 86 today. It makes me smile to think that he and Mom are finally together again, but I still miss them.

It is snowing so hard here right now, that I keep losing the signal to my satellite dish! I have gone out and brushed the build up off already...only had to do that once during the last snow. If that is any indication of what we are in for, this is going to be really bad. My hoses hadn't thawed enough to fill the water trough, and now it looks like it will be a few more weeks of hauling buckets of water. Enough already!!!!

I've been cleaning like crazy. It has been WAAAY too long since I did a good cleaning of the house; paying particular attention to the spare room. It has become that place where I put the piles when there is someone coming over. I started there. I was so eager to get things in order in there. I did the divided pile thing. Keep, recycle, shred, and trash. Tomorrow I was going to load up the truck and head to the recyclers. sigh. Unless there is some miraculous event weather wise, it ain't gonna happen. I guess I will load up the truck anyway so that I can't just get it out of the house. I will then re-do the whole room and make it a lot more user friendly for myself, and a lot more grown up for the grandkids.

So, for now I am resigned to stop the cleaning thing. Instead I will sit here and try to fill out my entry form for the dog show in Albany next month. Sitting amongst the bags of packing peanuts, shredded paperwork and flattened cardboard boxes. Oh yea, it looks SO much better after a day of toiling.

I just took the dogs out; two inches of snow was on the front porch. I think I need to borrow a kid so that I can "play" in it. I need to change to a bit more positive attitude, and it is quite obvious it won't be coming from the dogs.

Bah, humbug...G2

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