Friday, January 9, 2009


While trying to leave S2 a message I found myself feeling as though I was one baby step from losing not only our identity, but my sanity as well. Losing reading eyesight is already a given for this old lady, I'm afeared.

As one is on the last step to "publish" the comment one must get through the spam protection by copying a "word" into the little box. It is always an interesting array of letters in an almost impossible font that leans and sways with the morning coffee/cocoa. I tried my best to copy the darn word, but twice blew it. Now I am worried. Will the computer gods think that I am trying to break in and sabotage my blog? Am I some evil identity that came about from S2's Palin controversy thread. (There you go, S2, I didn't drop the number two most goggled name, that of Johnny Depp....oops ;-))
Anyway, I am finding that I cannot understand accents due to decreased hearing and the constant ringing in my ears. This makes calling tech support a royal pain, but so it goes. This weird word thing leaves the same "taste in mouth." So in my panic to get the word right the third time I actually got out a flashlight to shine on the screen, a magnifying glass just hoping that if I made the word bigger I could decipher it, and said a little prayer to the google gods in hopes they would give me an easy one for the third try.


OK, is this case sensitive???


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2Grandmas2 said...

Well, tell everyone about the secret password! Now we'll have to change it...btw, if you are signed in, you shouldn't have to go through that step.