Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sarah Palin Ate My Brain (ok she's not the only one)

  1. (even though I love it, it's a time vampire)

  2. Mahjong at quicktime (where time ceases to exist. I've told you yourself a favor and never go there in the first place).

  3. Anything to do with Sarah Palin. Just accept that conspiracies swirl about this woman, that Trig isn't hers (oh come on, you know he isn't, but what a sweet little campaign move), and move on. And know that she is scary. (This is S2 talking...I know that my lack of conservatism is not everyone's cup of tea. And G2 does not agree, so don't give her a hard time, lol)

  4. Wondering what's next for George Bush.

  5. Soap operas. Nuff said. (I broke that habit years ago, I am pleased to say).

  6. Trying to figure out why my new 4gb SDHC card from refuses to read, no matter what method I use (two different computers, where I tried on each: USB flash drive, MMC/SD port, direct cable from camera, it doesn't matter, the thing ain't a gonna read. Must accept defeat.

  7. Thinking that Ramona will become independent in regards to time. Today's telephone exchange, in support of this: Ramona: What time is it? Me: You have a watch. Ramona: And you have a clock. What time is it?

And I think this is enough wasting time at the computer for today! Unless I think of more, in which case, I'll certainly be back.


(who took a great photo for this blog, but it unfortunately cannot be freed from it's SDHC prison)

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