Friday, January 30, 2009

Earthquake! and I missed it

At somewhere around 5:30am the dogs woke me up as if it were truly morning. I vaguely remember shushing at them and rolling over. At 7 I let them really wake me up. Out to do chores we go...the pups overly frisky. The horse is doing this thing that she does when she is anxious. Almost like a cow chewing its cud. I checked her mouth and then fed her and opened the door to the barn.

I get some wood. Something has been in the woodshed and toppled some of the not-so-neatly- stacked piles. darn raccoons.

Start my day. Email then the news. Seems we had a little earthquake centered just north of me. 4.6 on the scale, at 5:23am. Maybe I will start listening to my dogs.
G2...the shameless author of this blog who really only wanted to post pictures of the dogs!


Grandma Blog said...

That is how I feel about snow storms. I hate waking up and find the snow fell all night while I was sleeping. I love watching the snow fall. Earthquakes can be scary so maybe it would be better to sleep through it.

Isaac said...

Hi Grandmas. I'm looking Nancy, maybe I she's around here? I only today realized you have a blog. It's a nice one.

talk to you later.