Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mama Mia...

You can dance
you can jive
Having the time of your life
oh see that girl, watch that scene
Digging the dancing queen

Guess which movie we are watching AGAIN tonight?

Forgive me for counting down a bit until I am done at the group home and get to go home. This is the third time for that we have watched Mama Mia. Each and every young lady has their very own copy, and of course, they each want to watch their very own copy.

There are two ladies living here right now (one of which, even though I have gotten her evening meds and supplied a bedtime snack which she is in fact eating while the movie plays, cannot abide the fact that I am typing on the laptop, deep breath, and is asking question after question)...where was I?

Of course my 25 year old daughter is here with us as well, and she has her copy of the movie too. Forgive me, but I think three Mama Mia's in three days qualifies me for a little laptop time :) After all, I am sitting in the same room, and I even sing along...some of the time. No way can I sing along with Meryl Streep on 'The winner takes something something something"...she did well with most of the singing, and in fact was great in the movie, but that song is just such an awful, awful song. Why oh why...well, time for a wee nap.

I remember seeing this as a play, and even thought it is full of irritatingly catchy ABBA songs, I had a great time. I have taken people to see the movie five times (always with daughter dear), and I admit I enjoyed, for the most part. Well, ok, I slept through parts of the movie the last couple of times, but the parts I stayed awake for were fun :) I tend to fall asleep whenever Pierce Brosnan starts singing (Sorry Pierce, I know you tried)

My daughter called her Dad tonight. He could hear the movie in the background (he has a deeply held antipathy to ABBA)(actually, so do I). I told Ramona 'hey, I know what! You can take your new movie with you to your dad's and you guys can watch it together'. He says he's gonna get me for that. Just doing my little part to spread the was an amicable divorce, really, I swear it.


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