Thursday, November 19, 2009

Awaiting number four

Storm, that is. "They" say it is coming. Four in a row. Hard rain and high winds. Trees down. Scattered power outages. Flooding. More rain. Whitecaps. Mud puddles. Did I say rain?

Yesterday I got to spend a bit of quality time with my newest grandchild. I will admit to being a tad nervous, even though Mommy was just a few blocks down the street working with the kindergartners for two hours. Grandma just doesn't have what this little pup needs if'n she decides she is hungry. All was fine, however. I had daughter set me up in her new fangled sling system and put the munchkin into the pouch where she slept quite content the entire time. I took my camera, once again, to share some pictures of the world's cutest little peanut, but alas, once again, I messed up. Last time I left the memory card home in the printer. This time I left the whole camera locked in the car out in the driveway a few hundred feet away. Chances are I wouldn't have disturbed her for a photo session while Mom and Sister were gone, but could have taken a few before or after. So you will all just have to take my word for it; she is the world's cutest baby.

Wednesday night is conformation class night. So we had to high tail it to the ferry and the weather was looking very ominous. Branches were falling and the trees were blowing big time as we headed south. I always want to see a lot of oncoming traffic as I near the ferry landing, but it was not to be this time. Instead there was the tail end of loading. I bailed out of the car and high tailed it up the ramp, but the doors closed about ten feet before I got to them. So I got to sit for forty five minutes and listen to the rumble of the wind. It sounded like a train was coming through. Boy was I excited about the ride across the Sound...NOT!! I called the store where my lessons occur and told them not to let the teacher go. I would be there, but I would be late. I had a lot I wanted to discuss. Then came time for my ferry to sail. I have never been sea sick on the ferry. I have been on some pretty crazy rides. Last night I almost lost my cookies. It was no where near the roughest ride. I am really not sure why it was so hard. Perhaps it was the frequency of the waves. Perhaps it was the intensity of my Sudoku puzzle. I have no idea what happened, but I was a tad green on the ride home. It was warmer than the trip over, however. The wind in the afternoon cut through me like cold knives. The wind and rain that drenched me on the walk to the truck was chilly, but not as cold. Anyway, long story short, I got to class about thirty minutes late and Kate was not a happy camper. She really wanted to play. She wanted to run. She wanted anything but to be on a leash. She had been locked in the kitchen all day and had energy to burn. Then she didn't even get to strut her stuff as we sat and talked. Another member of the class had a rough time in the ring so we both had a lot to talk about. It was great. Until I got out to the truck.

I had a missed call from my neighbor. I live in the woods. It was dark when I grabbed Kate. Had I missed the giant cedar tree that had taken out the house, fence, barn, garage? He left a voice mail. "Please call when you get this message." Oh oh. Flashlights and lanterns were right inside the door if the power was out. My heart was pounding as I hit the redial. "Is everything OK?" says I. "Yes, I just wondered if you have cable or satellite TV." He's such a man!! 70mph (predicted) winds, and he wanted to know if I thought he could get around the whole descrambler box somehow. I sent him to talk to the Best Buy guys and headed for home, knowing that, even if it were dark, I had a roof over my head and the animals were safe. I did, and they were. That was what mattered at the moment. However, I do have an interesting thing that has come up. My home phone doesn't work. My DSL is fine, but the phone is dead. I would be much more panicked if the computer were down, but cannot figure this one out. Both the phones, one is wired and one portable, cannot call out or get calls in. I had rewired under the house last year, and had paid the big bucks for an electrician to crawl around in the spider webs so that shouldn't be the problem. With storm number four on its way I will not spend a lot of time worrying right now. Perhaps we will get a little break between this next one and number five. The important folks all have my cell number. It likely is something as simple as wet wires in the box. Just seems strange that the DSL is fine, but I am NOT complaining.

So, Thursday has officially begun. Right now the trees are quiet. The rain is only a "pitter patter" at this point. I guess it would be a good time to get out and survey the damage and do chores before number four sets itself down. How many days until Spring??


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