Thursday, November 12, 2009

Of balloons, bombs and very cold weather

I generally don't do the news. I generally don't do a lot of TV until I go to bed at night; and then I watch what has been recorded for me. Today it was cold and I was tired from having cleaned the carpet and gotten the trailer and camper cleaned and ready for a cold front. So I sat and watched a bit of afternoon television which turned into the local news. I then remembered why I preferred to stay clueless when it comes to the news. The headlines? "Balloon boy's parents to turn themselves in. Police killer may get the death penalty. Cold front coming in which may dump snow in the lower elevations." Bizarre events. Bizarre people. The weather? Does not thrill me since I will be catching the 6am ferry out of here on Saturday morning. It is all so strange, and sounds like something out of the "Weekly World News" at the check stand. You know the one; the one that talks of alien abduction and the mother who gave birth to the shark kid. (A little known fact: my soccer team once made that newspaper. Yep, indeed we did. My brush with fame...I still chuckle when I think about how we harassed "Cowboy" who was pictured along with the article. And no, I will not tell you how I came to find the article.) So, I have turned off the TV. Quietly, I tuck the hoax of the kid in the balloon out of sight and out of mind. I would prefer not to know what will happen to my medicare. The fact that some psycho has gone on a one man cop killing spree is more than I want to dwell on now that he is off the street. The war will go on. Money will be spent. Ferry travel will require reservations. All of this is out of my hands. All of this will come into play at the next elections, and I will then have my say. That is how it works, or how it doesn't work.

So I sit in my dark, quiet house. Dogs are snoring at my feet. My lists for the weekend are made and bags are packed. I will torture the dogs tonight. Henry will get muzzled and toenails trimmed. Kate will get her nails ground again and a bath. The soap opera that is the evening news is silenced. This is my life. Plain and simple. That is how I like it.

I prefer to see humor and happiness in life. Were I to dwell on the news that would be very difficult. It is no wonder that this country has an epidemic of depression. What a shame. There are so many things to smile at. Today, for example, I went with a neighbor to the store and the post office. As I sat in the truck at the post office I notice her motioning people around a squished doggy do do. When she came out she carefully placed a junk mail flyer on the spot so that folks would not track it into the foyer, or into their cars. She then saw someone she knew and ducked back into the post office. Four or five people carefully avoided the flyer on the sidewalk. Then a very grumpy lady came up and snatched up what I assume she thought to be "litter." As I was thinking EWWWWW, she folded it in half (!!) and disappeared in towards the recycle can. Just then the neighbor came out. The look on her face was priceless. By then I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then it happened. Two people walked by. All had avoided the poo when the flyer was stuck to it. Both walked right into the land mine without it. Sure, there are two sides to this coin. Shame on the person who didn't clean up after their dog. Nasty, nasty, nasty. But one can find humor in the oddest of circumstances...OK, EYE can find humor in the oddest of circumstances...but neighbor lady was laughing pretty darn hard as well.

So, my challenge to all is to find humor in the most mundane of things tomorrow. Twice. At least. Don't laugh at people, but laugh with them. Soon you will find people smiling right along with you. It is really not hard. It really does ease the pain better than any pill could ever even hope to do. Make your own personal news.

I'm hoping mine will not read "Homeowner eaten while trimming corgi toenails..."


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