Thursday, November 5, 2009

Once a diva

forever a diva. What have I created??
Last night I went to conformation class. (That's DOG handling, you weirdos.) From the second we got out of the car I knew it was to be a handful of a class. One hour is a bit more taxing than two and a half minutes. I need to start bringing the diva's crate. Kate did NOT want to sit and discuss anything. She wanted to play, she wanted to strut her stuff, she wanted to "pose." It was pretty funny, actually. The instructor took to using her for demos, which was more than fine with me. Kate quickly got tired of being "baited," and would spit it out, which drove the other dogs crazy as they wanted it. I mean REALLLY wanted it. How exactly does one tone down a diva? We went around the ring in a group. Kate was trotting up on the heals of a young Rottie. We finally passed as the poor thing was spending more time worried about the stumpy little dog behind her. She was happy. And crazy. And a tad out of control. Correct her? Nope. I spent way too much time dragging her around. There is nothing sadder looking than an unhappy Cardigan Corgi. The ears droop, the tail sags, the eyes look like a Basset Hound who is down on his luck. So, the trick that worked? Her beads. I had them in the bag. I put them on Kate and she suddenly turned into the reserved and very in control diva. Coincidence? Maybe. With this pup I think I will take what I can get.
So she lays quietly on the couch behind me. Muddy from our recent jaunt out to the pasture. Diva beads still in place.
I love this dog!!
(Hey S2, if you tried to call the cell phone you need to turn off your ID block. You are listed on my friends and family for free plan, but "Blocked call" is not.)

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