Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Today is the day set aside to remember those who have taken time out of their lives, and often given their lives, to allow us the freedoms that we take for granted. I prefer to start and end each day in thanks to those people. I wish that we did not have to set aside one particular day to honor them. Yet it does allow for the decor and all. It does allow for a brief respite for some workers; I only hope those folk take a bit of time and think about why they get the day off. I remember as a naive first time parent of a young son, just a decade out of the Vietnam War, thinking about how I would take him and flee to Canada should the draft be reinstated. Wouldn't you know that this would be the child that chose to enlist fresh out of high school. Boy, did he show me! It was an amazing lesson in Attitude Adjustment 101. I sent away a boy that cold fall morning, and along with his someday to be wife, watched a man greet me in December at his boot camp graduation. I have never been so proud. I try to remember those feelings of wanting to flee, even though they make me feel a bit ashamed now. All that we have does indeed come at a price. If we are happy where we are, then we need to acknowledge that price that was paid, or is being paid. There is much sadness and fear in the world today. But we can find our little place of safety and security if we look. To those families that have sacrificed so that I have my sanctuary I wish to say "Thanks." It is not much, but often it is more than they will ask. My heart, and my prayers, are with our military and their families. Today, and everyday, they carry me.


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