Sunday, November 15, 2009

More care to be taken

When labeling my ramblings!! 'Twas a tad bit unnerving to see that someone from Tehran had landed on my site. I will let you do the math...

I think that the Monroe show will go down as once of my least favorite venues. It is cold. It is dirt. It is fall. Short stubby dogs hustling into the arena makes for wet bellies. Wet bellies trotting through dirt makes for dirty bellies. All that time grooming becomes a bit of a joke. Enough said about that. Anyway, Kate was less than enthusiastic about this show. It showed. Something else showed. The dramatic differences in this breed. We had long dogs, shorter dogs, big heads, refined heads. We had crooked fronts and straight fronts. Level toplines and wavy ones. I came home and printed out the standards. Thanks so much to Kim for helping me get my thoughts in order. I know what I like to look at, but am not sure what I am seeing. I really look forward to using my new found knowledge today as I study the breed. It makes me sad that the standard is not more adhered to. I remember, years ago, watching a class of Rotties. I wondered how people could tell their dogs apart from the others. Not an issue with Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Even if they were all the same color it would not be an issue. The good thing is that I am slowly gaining knowledge as to the "lines" that I enjoy seeing. It makes it so much easier when it comes time to get my next dog. Yes, I will get another Cardi. I just enjoy the whole "doofus" thing. And the ears. However, I feel strongly that the breed needs to be cleaned up a bit. Let's emphasize soundness. These are herding dogs and their looks and actions should emphasize that. A dysplastic or disproportionate dog surely could not go out and herd cattle for hours. We have the knowledge and testing available, why the heck can it not be utilized a bit more?

So, with that, I need to get myself going. I spent an hour grooming Kate, and now will jump into my clothes and head to the ferry. Thank goodness SHE is the one being shown, and not me!!



Shep said...

It's an interesting thing to me too, having Shepherds. I mean, I was floored when I realized last show how varied the Cardigans are, and how judging really seems to be all over the board every show.

One day one thing, one day the next. Dogs that I don't think should win and I would never choose to breed (and yes, that includes one of my boys who has finished our requirements to show six shows from the breeder-contract and now just will go do something else with his life, haha!) do, and dogs that I think that are lovely and have fantastic gait and structure do nothing.

I'm enjoying the change - the people are lovely, and the only way I can take it all in is to be there, take photos, and compare dogs later.

I'm not sure why it's such a huge differerence in the dogs, though. Part of it I'm sure stems from the color preferences - you sure can look at the merles and the brindles and wow -- what a difference.

2Grandmas2 said...

She actually has a "must show" contract? wow.
Congrats are in order, my dear Shep, but it was all so confusing. Sorry I missed you to give them. Now, life can get back to some kind of normalcy and I will catch you at the shop next time around.

Shep said...

Yep - both of my boys were show prospects. The deal is that I only co-own them and must show six shows and then re-evaluate from there... Simon's done. I knew it several months ago (I think the last time you saw him was at a little over six months) but I had to finish up.

He gets to go work sheep and do some Rally and maybe think about SAR. Caleb gets to continue on - he's doing well.

Aw, thanks - I got to see you and Kate in the ring, but there was so much going on I didn't get to say hi, I was back there holding the leash on dogs for folks. :)

It was confusing to me too, but that was one of the things that was told to me - I had to GO to a show to understand what you're looking at. I did, and I was like... well, I agree with your assessment. I know what I like.

What's even more confusing - it varies even more from region to region... not just ring to ring.

Interesting stuff, but yes, come to the store... :D I missed you last time, sigh. I do have nice new windows, though!