Monday, November 9, 2009

The calm before the storm

er, show

Will I ever get over these pre-show jitters? Will I ever be able to take it in and roll with it like Kate does? I slept about four hours last night as I had a million things running through my head. This first is how I will groom this girl. To say that it is raining here is an understatement. I cannot live with the dogs if they don't get their exercise in. Low to the ground, white bellied, race ready...means very dirty. Especially on the lower half of the dog. Toenails and feet are spiffy, so the easy part is done. I suspect more sleepless nights will be in order until I settle how I will groom those five remaining hairs to best show off Katelan's attributes. (Not really much different than when she is in full coat...then I worry about what to do with all that hair! at least she will dry faster.)

So today is cleaning day at the house. Going to the city day for leg issues. Going to the bank day. All the hum drum stuff. My brain will be going full speed as I vacuum and as I drive. If I am this bad for local shows, how can I even THINK about Nationals???

Perhaps this is why people hire handlers. Perhaps I just need some time with the diva beads around MY neck.


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Shep said...

Awwww.... I think pre-show jitters are always going to be there, but man, it's great when you have a dog who enjoys it. :D It makes it so much easier.

I understand though - I let the boys out, they're covered in mud and filth and it's that horrible black stuff you can't get out of their coats well. White is not white, that's for sure. :/

I take it you're going to Monroe? :D And if you seriously go to Nationals, let me know, I think I'd like to head there this year myself with Caleb...